Please sign up for whatever interests you. We need lead people in each region of Florida willing to help organize events in your specific area. If you would prefer to email someone directly for information in your area contact whoever is closest to you from the following. If you would like to lead an area, just tell us where.
annette@labelgmoflorida.com - panhandle west
cameron@labelgmoflorida.com - Tallahassee
elaine@labelgmoflorida.com - Jacksonville
joseph@labelgmoflorida.com - Gainsville
kym@labelgmoflorida.com - Tampa Bay
nicole@labelgmoflorida.com - Orlando
vicki@labelgmoflorida.com - central east coast
tori@labelgmoflorida.com - Naples
james@labelgmoflorida.com - Fort Myers
greg@labelgmoflorida.com - Boca Raton
paul@labelgmoflorida.com - Pinellas Co
lisa@labelgmoflorida.com - Keys

Please fill out the form if you wish to volunteer in any aspect. If you have special skills or have suggestion on specific events, just let us know. Please include how we can contact you and what part of the state you are in. We will be spotlighting some of our most motivated Volunteers on a page devoted entirely to YOU.