We are an original grassroots Florida grown PAC that is organizing the ballot initiative to require labeling of Genetically Engineered ( GE / GMO ) foods in Florida. Our mission is to demand food companies have labels that honestly reflect what is in the food. Some very large food manufactures are working hard to keep this information from the consumer.

It is our "Right to Know" what is in our food, but until these companies are forced by the people, they will continue to hide the truth from us. 

We are working to get an initiative on the Florida ballot November 4, 2014 to label genetically engineered foods. Our proposition is titled The Florida Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act". The political Action Committee sponsoring this petition is the Florida GMO Labeling Campaign, aka FGLC-PAC. The date may seem far away but there is lots to get done now. We need to get our petition accepted and approved by the state so we can get these out to the people for signature. We need people all over the state willing to help get them to their friends, neighbors, and groups in their local area for signatures. If you think you are just one person, "what can I do?" YOU can do a lot.

Please go to our volunteer page and let us know where you are and how you might be able to help. You can also donate time or resources needed to get the petition on the ballot. We need printing services, legal services, regional organizers, campaign materials and donated items of any kind for raffles and volunteer give a ways, and of course money to run the campaign. 

We know from polling 90% of Americans want the food labels to be truthful and want to know what is in their food. They want to know if a food has been Genetically Engineered. Please spread the word and get people to sign up in support of this campaign. Have them add their names to our supports page. Become an organizer for your region or find someone who can. We need businesses to sponsor events, media ads, and materials for the campaign

About Our Organization
Our Inspiration
We are working closely with the grassroots organizers of the California "Right to Know" /  Proposition 37 Campaign so we can save time and energy by following what has worked for them. They have been very generous with their information to help us launch our campaign...
Become a Volunteer
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering in our campaign to demand our "Right to Know" what is in our Food. Please complete this form to identify your volunteer interests and availability during the Campaign. We will need volunteers all over Florida in all capacities. If you wish to help organize (WE REALLY NEED YOU)...
Service Opportunities
In this section,we will add a summary of upcoming volunteer opportunities. We will share this calendar with active volunteers so they can directly sign themselves up for a specific event. Have an idea about an event? Contact vicki@labelgmoflorida.com 
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