About Us

Our Mission
To ensure Floridians have the "Right to Know" and choose what they buy to feed their families. To allow us to vote on truthful labeling of food whether it is "natural" or genetically engineered in 2014. To ensure food companies tell the TRUTH about what is in our food so that WE can make an informed decision whether to buy or avoid foods that have been Genetically Engineered (GE, also know as GMO)

Our Inspiration
We are working closely with the grassroots organizers of the California "Right to Know" /  Proposition 37 Campaign so we can save time and energy by following what has worked for them. They have been very generous with their information to help us launch our campaign but they still need your help as well. Californians will get to vote on this in November 2012. We want that same opportunity in 2014.

Our Plan of Attack
Our First objective is to get the petition accepted and approved by the state. As soon as it has been approved we need to get it out to everyone in Florida for signatures. Currently it is running about three pages front and back to make sure everything in the final Amendment covers everything needed to make it binding and constitutional. If you are the best constitutional lawyer in the state, We Need YOU!
We are working on getting finalized petitions in the hands of volunteers willing to go to the polls in their polling districts to collect signatures. Many, many people are needed. Spread the word and have them sign up here to participate.
Educating people on GE/GMO ingredients is the key to our success in 2014. The main stream media has failed us in covering the potential dangers associated with replacing real food with food that has been Genetically Modified (GE/GMO Food). Therefore it is up to use to tell people the truth. Articles on the potential dangers and what these crops have already done to our environment will be posted here so you can learn about the latest studies and who is behind trying to keep this information from the public.
Once the 2014 Elections come around, our state will be so well educated on what these Genetically Engineered (GMO) Foods are and will not be swayed by the oppositions deceptive, twisted lies. They have incredibly deep pockets and with spend millions in advertising trying to distort the truth and scare the public into not wanting their Right to Know about what is in their food.
That is all we are asking, for truthful, honest labels stating if their products contain Genetically Engineered Ingredients. 
When the negative advertising begins, we will need to dig our heels in and be assured we have the truth on our side and the will of the people will prevail. Unfortunately media advertising will be very expensive to combat the efforts of our opposition. We need large organizations to sponsor us to get this done. 
Help spread the word, spread the truth, the will of the people will WIN.